Presentations of Master Students

Presentations of Master Students
The Master Students of Radiophysics faculty delivered presentations about the laboratories or/and departments they carry out research at. They reported about research staff, scientific areas, sophisticated equipment, prizes and rewards, and latest achievements of a laboratory or/and department. Career opportunities for graduates were discussed.
Among the reporters were the following students:
Dmitry Lyapunov (the laboratory of Optoelectronics)
Evgeny Prokopenkov (the laboratory of Organic Electronics)
Mariya Didenko (The Institute of High Current Electronics)
Egor Poznakharev (the laboratory of Propagation of Optical Signals)
Kirill Davydov and Aleksandr Popov (the laboratory of Laser Sensing)
Alina Melnikova (the laboratory of Non-Linear Optical Interaction)
Leila Shaimerdenva (The department of Semiconductor Electronics)
Juliya Afanas’eva  (The department of Space Physics and Ecology)
Vitaly Bessonov (The department of  Radioelectronics)
Anzhela Kuzovova (The department of Radiophysics)
Evgeny Sevostyanov (The department of Radiophysics)
Kseniya Shishko (The department of Radiophysics)
Alina Trifonova (The department of Optical Electronic Systems and Remote Sensing)
Anton Sinitsyn (The department of Optical Electronic Systems and Remote Sensing)