The Students of Radiophysics Department Participated in the XV National Conference of Student Research and Development Incubators

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128 Bachelor students of Radiophysics department took an active part in the session “Discoveries in Radiophysics” organized by the English language lecturers Olga V. Kharapudchenko ( a chairperson of the session),  Elena A.Krassilova and Svetlana A. Kubritskaya. 34 reports were made in this session held within the framework of the XV National Conference of Student Research and Development Incubators. The best speakers were Artur R.Shaidullin ( “Quantum electronics”), Anna N. Bushmakina (“Lidar: History, Construction and Application”) , Gleb A. Bagreev (“Speed Measurement by Optical Signal Processing”), Andrey O.Kostornoy (“Software-hardware Complex for Generation of Electrical Tactile Phantoms, as a Means of Tactile Visualization”). They were awarded the diplomas of the prestigious conference.