The most successful students in learning the English language

The English Communicative Competence Development Project organized by Tomsk State University to welcome new students to the University and to the English language, has been hailed a success during the first term.

It is the first year when the Faculty of Foreign Languages runs the English Communicative Competence Development Project, an event to ensure that the new students have the best possible start to experience the new approach to language learning. Each student revealed new skills and experienced versatile events within the educational process.

This year around 200 students from different specializations took part in the project. During  September-December students were trained to ensure they have all the right tools and knowledge to start learning English for professional and social purposes .
Gleb Bagreev, a current Radiophysics student said: “English is one of the easiest languages to learn. Other Western European languages have more complex grammar and some rules regarding pronunciation, while English requires you to learn basic grammar concepts and build pretty simple lexicon. This project aims to make well-educated engineers who will be able to use English in their studies. Nowadays big chunk of engineering manuals and functional schematics is available only to English speakers.”

The project, which has been running since 2016, is supervised by staff and Master and PhD students.
First year student Nikita Pudovkin praised the programme by saying: “We had a lot of funny events this term (for example, excursions to the laboratories, listening training at the end of the year and the other). I believe this training method is very informative.”
The English Communicative Competence Development Project boasts a vibrant learning environment and we continue to invest in our future with new projects and ideas.

Tatiana O. Podianova
The most successful students in learning the English language:

Group 765
  1. Gilev Andrey
  2. Klimashevskaya Anna
  3. Mukasheva Dana
  4. Sapozhnikova Liza
  5. Sverchinskaya Diana
  6. Jankina Katya
Group 766
  1. Mikhailova Alexandra
  2. Vasin Vasiliy
  3. Voronin Ivan
Group 767
  1. Bagreev Gleb
  2. Okhrimenko Andrey
  3. Pudovkin Nikita
  4. Shulga Andrey