Workshop in the Laboratory of organic electronics

The workshops for the first year students at Radiophysics faculty took place on the 9th of November. Together with the experienced Enslish language instructors Olga V. Kharapudchenko and Yulia B. Kaygorodtseva students of the group № 7605 spent a great time having been exposed to the research structured environment of Siberian Physical Technical Institute. Among the visited Laboratories were the Laboratory of organic electronics and the Laboratory of Functional Electronics.
The students had a memorable scientific journey within a framework of which the modern technological equipment and lab facilities were demonstrated. As it was meant, the excursion was held in English, so that the students had a chance to enhance language skills as well.
Current PhD and MA students Nikonova E.N., Odod A.V., Lapina I.L., Lozinskaya A., Sh., Shaimerdenova L. working at laboratories delivered information on the most relevant scientific issues in the field of modern Electronics: development of light emitting diodes, organic jet printing, functioning of liquid and solid lasers.