Workshop in the Laboratory of functional electronics

The students of the Faculty of Radiophysics have visited Organic Electronics laboratory (Siberian Physical Technical Institute) headed by the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, professor, Tatyana N. Kopylovaand Functional Electronics laboratory headed by the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, professor, Oleg P. Tolbanov within the project for English-speaking environment formation for the students of TSU.

Students learned the English basic terminology of semiconductor electronics, found out about innovative technologies such as radiation and charged particles detectors and semiconductor sensors developed in our university and exported to Russia and abroad within the framework of the excursion presented by the experts.
The first-year students (groups 765, 766, 767) had an opportunity to enquire aboutvarious branches of research and subject matter of developments, being made by laboratory scientists. Moreover, the modern technological equipment and lab were exposed that undoubtedly enhancesstudents English speaking skills.
The workshops were followed by a detailed discussion in the English language also assisted by PhD and MA students of the Facultyof Radiophysics(Nikonova E.N., Odod A.V., Lapina I.L., Lozinskaya A., Berdybaeva Sh., Ivanov V., Prokopenkov E., Shaimerdenova L.).