Co-working technologies

More than 59 % of employers are dissatisfied with the skills of university graduates in terms of their ability to communicate with business partners, read and understand technical specifications, process original information, and create and deliver research-related presentations. Employers need specialists with highly developed critical thinking which allows them to solve problems in the situation of uncertainty, analyze the content, and communicate ideas effectively. Nowadays, not all graduates of Russian universities have enough competence in a foreign language to be able to apply their knowledge and language skills in practice in the field of their research. One of the ways to solve this problem is to use new educational technologies aimed at pursuing effective and efficient ways of learning a foreign language as a means of their professional development. 

Recently, Master students of the Faculty of Radiophysics have begun studying English based on a coworking approach. By the term «coworking» we define two things: an environment as a specially arranged room in the Research library of Tomsk State Univerisity and a specific educational technology. This new approach allows for Master students actively cooperate with each other at the interpersonal level of communication during their English classes as well as in project groups in and outside the class. The partnership also includes the English language teachers, students’ scientific supervisors, as well as Bachelor students. The idea is to engage peer-learning and involve undergraduates in research and demonstrate to them a wide range of research directions and areas conducted at the Faculty of Radiophysics