Recently, Master students of the Faculty of Radiophysics have begun studying English based on a coworking approach.
According to the program within the framework of the course “Professional Translation and Communications” Master students implemented various projects. These projects were intended for Bachelor students to show wonderful opportunities provided by the Faculty of Radiophysics. There are different types of projects :

The team of Department of Semiconductor Electronics (Elena Mel’nikova, Regina  Galchenko and Dmitriy  Bessonovin their fascinating project Welcome to Laboratory of functional electronics demonstrated the scientific fields, equipment and technologies used by the scientists, international contacts and achievements of the laboratory. The greatest achievement of the laboratory of functional electronics is the unique ionizing radiation detectors, which are demanded in the largest companies in the world, especially-the ATLAS project at CERN!
The team Ekaterina Bezverkhnaya, Sergey Khodovitsky and Ludmila Lobova showed the research and study opportunities of Department of Radioelectronics. They love their department very much!
Aleksandra Emel’yanova spoke about Faculty of Radiophysics in general, described seven departments, history, education, extracurricular activities, career paths. We can’t help admiring her colorful presentation!
The Slam presentations are very dynamic and lively. They give a unique opportunity to present information to non-experts in a concise and entertaining way.
The team Svetlana Kolomoets, Maksim Gering and Il’ya Pavlov delivered very interesting and useful Slam-presentation about the teaching staff of Department of Radioelectronics. The team was very enthusiastic in implementing this project. Firstly, the students interviewed their lecturers, then created presentation, finally sounded the presentation.  
The team Serafim Pisenko and Viktoria Boltova created the Slam-presentation about Department of Information Technologies in Investigation of Discrete Structures. The called it How to avoid physics or why you should choose the 6th department? The authors provided the reasons for choosing this department for specialization.
The team Vladislav Kostenko  and Vyacheslav Manuilov presented their version of the same topic. It is very important that there is a review of salaries in the field of computer technologies. In addition, the presentation is funny ; full of jokes, pictures, data, etc!
Mikhail Vasilevskiy tried to attract the attention of Bachelor students telling about the Department of Quantum Electronics and Photonics. Mikhail used so many pictures in his slam. Watch it!
Dmitriy Krylov and Evgeniy Krasnikov demonstrated the presentations about employment opportunities upon graduation from the Faculty of Radiophysics.
Evgeniy told about Siberian Easy Development Group Engineering.
The title of Dmitriy’s project was “After Graduation”.
The works are very creative! However, it is better to see them!
Arkadiy Veremeenko used in addition to pictures even music to make his effective antilecture about semiconductors easy to understand and attractive for non-experts.
Do you know anything about Crystallography? If no, Aleksandr Goroshchenko succeeded in presenting his exciting project!
Erzhan Moldaliev showed the development of Photonics in his antilecture. It is not a boring lecture!
Master student Kristina Khomyakova from the Department of Quantum Electronics and Photonics held Workshop on World Skills. Recently she has participated in this event and won in the competition! This work is very useful for students! 

Aren’t you good at developing semiconductor devices? No problem. If you have a chance to attend a science excursion organized by Aleksandr Tsymbalov and Aleksandr Kolbin, you will learn a lot about principle of operation of gas sensors, measurement procedure, etc. You can even touch the sensors!