My name is Olga V. Kharapudchenko.
I have been teaching English to Bachelor, Master and PhD students of the Faculty of Radiophysics since 1998.
I graduated from the faculty of Foreign Languages (Tomsk state Pedagogical university) in 1991.
In 2018 I decided to continue my studies and was admitted to a PhD program at National Research Tomsk state university.
After completing the program, I defended my dissertation and was awarded the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy.  
My research interests include academic discourse (both oral and written), interactive educational technologies, teaching the English language for special purposes.
I like the idea of participating in scientific conferences. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to develop my hard and soft skills.
Teaching, self-education and development, travelling, reading, psychology, communication.
Olga V. Kharapudchenko

I have been teaching English at TSU since 2006. Apart teaching, I participate in the International Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Prospects of Fundamental Science Development" as a language expert annually. Also I develop digital materials for electronic courses and online English learning platforms. I have a passion for teaching. Helping students achieve their goals in learning English is a wonderful experience.
Svetlana A. Kubritskaya    
Hello! I have been working with languages for over 15 years. I have practised teaching ESL in the field of international relations, software engineering, information technology, radiophysics, and more. I love philosophy and literature. I have been doing some scientific research in Philosophy concerning digitalized society and ideology. My highest aspiration is to learn Japanese and Chinese.  
Maria V. Sboichikova
  My name is Irina Sharapova. I’m a Senior Lecturer at Tomsk State University and I’m teaching English.
In 2001 I graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages of East-Kazakhstan State University. Since then I’m advancing in my profession and still find it interesting.
I worked as a professional translator and taught English to cabin crews at an airline company, after that to future engineers in power industry at Tomsk Polytechnic University.
Now I’m teaching English to Radiophysics students. It’s quite challenging because we often speak about things I know little of, but I’m trying to learn more about them.
Interests: travelling, reading and pilates.
Research interests: TEFL and translation.
Favorite Quote: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".
Irina V. Sharapova