Striving to surpass the result

On the 4th of April the workshop was made by the Syrian PhD students. The central idea of the presentation was to overview different types of lasers. In general, there are several types of them: gas, semiconductor, fluid and solid-state lasers. The Syrian PhD students who work in the laboratories of the Siberian Physical Technical Institute use the strontium vapour laser. Such kind of laser was developed in the early 90-s and it is used only in Tomsk nowadays. The advantage of this type of laser is that is has a medium wavelength. This laser was chosen because it has characteristics which suit medical purposes. This technology is applicable for the treatment of cancer. However, there is one disadvantage which is low efficiency .The scientists of SPTI have been working on the solution of this problem during 10 years. The increasing of efficiency is being observed but the problem is not solved completely .We hope that collaboration of Russia and Syria will give fruitful results for the development of science.